Accessory Accessory Crafting Formulas

# Name Reg Materials Price Convert
001 Power Ring Y

Sharp Demon Horn x01

Beast Claw x03

2000 STR +3
002 Vigor Ring Y

Digestive Fluid x01

Heart Stone x01

2000 VIT +3
003 Sagacity Ring Y

Worm Meat x01

Pixie Dust x03

2000 INT +3
004 Spirit Ring Y

Draculin x03

Contract x03

2000 MND +3
005 Speed Ring Y

Chicken Egg x01

Silver Vane x03

2000 LUK +4
006 Arts Ring Y

Multiple Eye x03

Hard Scissors x01

2000 DEX +4
007 Bird Eye N

Dryad's Soul x01

Gem Shell x01

Slumberland Flower x01

10000 Accuracy Up
008 Feather Ring N

Plucked Wing x01

Monochronic Wing x01

Cockatrice wings x01

Wind Slicer x01

10000 Evasion Up
009 Samson Ring N

Power Ring x01

Vigor Ring x01

Beast's Body Fluid x01

Earth Pulse x01

20000 Restore HP
010 Force Charm N

Sagacity Ring x01

Spirit Ring x01

Bone Powder x03

Mysterious Box x01

20000 Restore AP
011 Sharp Sense N

Speed Ring x01

Arts Ring x01

Wind Slicer x01

Beast Btone x03

20000 First Strike
012 Titan Ring Y

Power Ring x01

Lizard Tail x01

Pointy Beak x01

25000 STR +6
013 Fortitude Ring Y

Vigor Ring x01

Goblin Serum x03

Iron Gear x01

25000 VIT +6
014 Acuity Ring Y

Sagacity Ring x01

Skull of the Dead x03

Brown Powder x03

25000 INT +6
015 Heart Ring Y

Spirit Ring x01

Banishing Charm x03

Skull of the Dead x03

25000 MND +6
016 Cyclone Ring Y

Speed Ring x01

Insoluble Ice x01

Pointy Beak x01

25000 LUK +8
017 Finese Ring Y

Arts Ring x01

Brown Powder x03

Poison Needle x03

25000 DEX +8
018 Hawk Eye N

Bird Eye x01

Spark Plate x03

Banishing Charm x03

Orc Staff x03

45000 Accuracy Up+
019 Double Feather N

Feather Ring x01

Storm Plate x03

Insoluble Ice x01

Thunder Wing x01

45000 Evasion Up+
020 Beast Ring N

Sharp Sense x01

Lizard Tail x01

Goblin Serum x03

Dragon Cell x01

45000 Insta-Guard
021 Aura Ring N

Samson Ring x01

Squid Tentacle x01

Warrior's Bridle x01

65000 Restore HP+
022 Sith Ring N

Force Charm x01

Bablefish Fin x01

Encyclopedia x01

65000 Restore AP+
023 Clairvoyance N

Hawk Eye x01

Green Powder x03

Yellow Powder x03

65000 Accuracy Up++
024 Triple Feather N

Double Feather x01

Devilkin Feather x03

Angel's Robe x01

65000 Evasion Up++
025 Beast Sense N

Beast Ring x01

Clairvoyance x01

Sweet Fruit x03

Fairy Ring x03

75000 First Strike+
026 Dragon Ring N

Aura Ring x01

Beast Sense x01

War God's Arm x01

Dragon Armor x01

100000 Restore HP++
027 Hermes Ring N

Sith Ring x01

Beast Sense x01

Wind Element x01

Fortune Kitty x03

100000 Restore AP++
028 Debilitating Ring N

Dragon Ring x01

Hermes Ring x01

Hydra Head x01

Small Cloth x02

125000 Block SP Drain
029 Angel Wing N

Triple Feather x01

Master's Ring x01

Bloody Vision x03

Seed of Avalon x03

125000 Bind Resist
030 Angel Halo N

Angel Wing x01

Debilitating Ring x01

Elixir of Life x01

Angel Wings x01

150000 Stun Resist
031 Prometheus Bound N

Stone Ring x01

Angel Halo x01

Oceanic Orb x02

Kennel Quartz x02

250000 Restore HP++
032 Chicken Ring N

Rapid Sword x01

Funky Chicken x01

Prometheus Bound x01

Kaiser Core x03

777777 LUK +35
033 Princess's Tiara

Dismal Sylph x01

Chicken Ring x01

King's Treasure x03

Princess Blood x01

999999 No Convert
034 Blue Water

Genbu's Gauntlet x01

Seiryu's Sword x01

Byakko's Bracelet x01

Suzaku's Ring x01

850000 INT +32

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