Armor Armor Crafting Formulas

More will come soon. Signed Zero728.

# Name Reg Materials Price Convert
001 Sleep Guard Y

Bone Guard x01

Tarot card x03

Worm meat x01

1000 Sleep Resist
002 Poison Guard Y

Bone Guard x01

Worm Meat x01

Bome of the Dead x03

1000 Poison Resist
003 Paralysis Guard Y

Iron Bangle x01

Draculin x03

Multiple Eye x03

1000 Paralysis Resist
004 Holy Symbol Y

Bone Guard x01

Chicken Egg x01

Goblin's Rock x03

1000 Death Resist
005 Blind Guard Y

Steel Bracelet x01

Multiple Eye x03

Bone of the Dead x03

1000 Blind Resist
006 Silver Bracelet Y

Steel Bracelet x01

Silver Bullion x03

2500 Silver Ore
007 Silver Bangel Y

Iron Bangle x01

Silver Bullion x03

2500 Silver Ore
008 Shell Bracelet Y

Bone Guard x01

Devilkin Horn x03

Digestive Fluid x01

Slime Jelly x03

2500 HP +250
009 Flame Guard Y

Blind Guard x01

Red Powder x02

Element of Flame x01

5000 Element of Flame
010 Ice Guard Y

Poison Guard x01

Blue Powder x02

Element of Ice x01

5000 Element of Ice
011 Thunder Guard Y

Paralysis Guard x01

Ragged Robe x02

Element of Thunder x01

5000 Element of Thunder
012 Wind Guard Y

Sleep Guard x01

Plucked Wing x01

Element of Wind x01

5000 Element of Wind
013 Earth Guard Y

Holy Symbol x01

Earth Plate x02

Element of Earth x01

5000 Element of Earth
014 Platinum Bracelet Y

Silver Bracelet x01

Platinum Bullion x03

10000 Platinum Ore
015 Platinum Bangel Y

Silver Bangle x01

Platinum Bullion x03

10000 Platinum Ore
016 Hard Shell Y

Shell Bracelet x01

Pectinate Leg x01

Cracked Rock x01

Beast's Body Fluid x01

10000 HP +500
017 Dream Hazard Y

Wind Guard x01

Pixie Feather x02

Wind Soul x01

17500 Sleep Resist+
018 Marine Rouge Y

Ice Guard x01

Frozen Liquid x02

Ice Soul x01

17500 Poison Resist+
019 Red Sauvage Y

Flame Guard x01

Red Crystal x01

Flame Soul x01

17500 Paralysis Resist+
020 Moon Guard Y

Thunder Guard x01

Dragon Fang x01

Thunder Soul x01

17500 Death Resist+
021 Guard frame Y

Earth Guard x01

Tentacle x01

Earth Soul x01

17500 Blind Resist+
022 White Frame N

Hard Shell x01

Moonlight Flower x01

Slumberland Flower x01

Earth Pulse x01

35000 Change Max HP
023 Mithril Bracelet Y

Platinum Bracelet x01

Mithril x03

30000 Mithril
024 Mithril Bangel Y

Platinum Bangle x01

Mithril x03

30000 Mithril
025 Tri-Guard N

Battle Frame x01

Spark Plate x03

Iron Gear x01

50000 Physical Counter
026 Misty Guard N

Magic Frame x01

Storm Plate x03

Insoluble Ice x01

50000 Magic Counter
027 Oboro N

Bracelet of Feicui x01

Chasm Stone x01

Clear Drop x01

75000 Resist Ailments+
028 Homura N

Red Sauvage x01

Evil Eye x03

Flame Soul x01

Thunder Soul x01

45000 Flame Soul
029 Ice Fang N

Marine Rouge x01

Squid Tentacle x01

Ice Soul x01

Wind Soul x01

45000 Ice Soul
030 Thunder Emperor N

Moon Guard x01

High-Grade Fur x03

Thunder Soul x01

Earth Soul x01

45000 Thunder Soul
031 Aeolus N

Dream Hazard x01

Green Powder x03

Wind Soul x01

Flame Soul x01

45000 Wind Soul
032 Earth Dragon N

Guard Frame x01

Coral x03

Earth Soul x01

Ice Soul x01

45000 Earth Soul
033 Force Frame N

Tri-Guard x01

Chasm Stone x01

Dragon cell x01

65000 Magic Damage Up
034 Resist Frame N

Misty guard x01

Orc Staff x02

Green Ichor x02

65000 Magic Damage Down
035 O-Band Y

Mithril Bracelet x01

Orichalcum x03

60000 Orichalcum
036 O-Bangle Y

Mithril Bangle x01

Orichalcum x03

60000 Orichalcum
037 True Emblem Y

Mithril Bracelet x01

Mithril Bangle x01

Encyclopedia x01

Holy Water x02

60000 Wolframite
038 Phantom Bracelet N Resist Frame x01

O-Bangle x01

Banishing Mirror x02

Sweet Fruit x02

100000 Block AP Drain
039 Requiem Frame N Force Frame x01

O-Band x01

Eye of Maumet x02

Giant Feather x01

85000 Drain Guard
040 Big Black N White Frame x01

Oboro x01

Dragon Fruit x01

Wind Element x01

150000 Change Max HP+
041 Cruel Frame N True Emblem x01

Phantom Bracelet x01

Onyx Gem x01

100000 Physical Counter+
042 Blood Emblem N True Emblem x01

Requiem Frame x01

Soul of the Dead x02

100000 Magic Counter+
043 Divine Guard N Three Stars x01

King's Emblem x01

Gigantic Emblems x01

Slime Core x02

125000 Guard Up+
044 Dark Bracelet N Blood Emblem x01

Black Powder x02

Dark Crystal x02

150000 Magic Damage Up+
045 Bracelet of Light N Cruel Frame x01

Flash Powder x02

Light Crystal x02

150000 Magic Damage Down+
046 Extra Frame N Divine Guard x01

Dark Bracelet x01

Gigantic Emblems x01

Arc Plate x02

250000 HP +3000
047 Chaos Frame N Divine Guard x01

Bracelet of Light x01

Tough Tail x01

Dark Plate x02

250000 Mag +200
048 Heaven's End N

Requiem Bracelet x01

Crystal Bracelet x01

Mirror of Erised x01

375000 Resist Ailments++
049 Dragon Frame N

Extra Frame x01

Heaven's End x01

Beast Heart x02

Magic Snake Liver x03

450000 DEF +200
050 Demon Frame N

Chaos Frame x01

Heaven's End x01

Great Demon Soul x02

Demon Emblem x02

450000 RST +200
051 Princess Bustier N

Big Black x01

Black Bustier x01

Scarlet Feather x02

Yggdrasil Sapling x02

650000 MND +34
052 Imperial Guard

Dragon Frame x01

Demon Frame x01

Pixie Blood x03

Fatal Curse Charm x03

650000 VIT +34

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