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Felenne (CV: Yui Sakakibara)
Full name: Felenne Family  
Firiine Profile
Race: Neocolom (Lion-like) If Chosen:
Weiss (Husband)
Schwarz (Son, Blue Jacket)
Vanessa / Lira-Lua / Yumil (Daughter-in-law)
Gray (Grandson)
Generation: First Generation
Joins at: Illiya Forest: Astile Region
Felenne is from one of the guardian clans known as the Alister. Her sister had married into Weiss's clan, the Sera, and perished with many others in the catastrophe known as the "Day of Light." She is deeply suspicious of Weiss and joins his party in hopes that he would eventually reveal something that would explain her sister's death. She also is somewhat demonstrative and rarely bothers to hide her feelings, but is generally friendly and easygoing with the other members of the company, especially Fiona.

Her sole purpose for traveling with Weiss is to learn more about the Day of Light; she has neither the desire nor the intention of becoming a Maiden of the Pillar. It is during her travels with Weiss and company that she faces repeated adversity as a guardian and unfortunately is not always up to meeting those challenges.

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