World Map

Brace One's Guidepost

  • Requirement: Before turn 10, Neutral
  • Event: Plum struggles with the water

World Map


World Map

Nefestrice Coast

  • Requirement: Before turn 35, Neutral
  • Event: Qua jokes about eating Fer

World Map

Dalnia Way

  • Event Choice:
    • Where is your accent from?: Gauge moves towards DARK
    • How is Nastassja?: Gauge moves strongly towards LIGHT
    • How were the other continents?: Gauge moves slightly towards LIGHT

World Map

  • Knownlin Hill: Demon Whip x1, Great Sorcerer x2, Living Dead x2, Troll x1

Eljudnir Fortress

World Map

Town: Lingen

  • Event: Story related

World Map

Quest: Uttara Kulu

  • Enemies: Dark Spirit, Demon Whip, Devil, Great Sorcerer, King Werewolf
  • Enemies: Light Spirit, Master Skeleton, Nekomata, Troll
  • Treasure: Shiny Fang, Forbidden Tome IV, Clairvoyance, INT UP+, Resist Frame, Vessel of Life
  • Treasure: Crimson Edge, O-Knuckles, Secret Arts XVII
  • Fight: King Werewolf x2, Master Skeleton x2, Nekomata x2
  • Event: Murmina joins
    • Note: It is possible to not be able to get Murmina but condition is currently unknown. (Possibly taking longer than 25 turns to get to the first fortress will cause this because I did not get Murmina afterwards even having followed the Perfect Path completely up till that point. I am assuming Murmina does not win that battle alone since the party was not there soon enough to assist her [on or around turn 30] or I just took too many turns--though this still needs verification).
    • ((I acquired her by getting there within 20 turns, so I would guesstimate 20-25 turns is your time limit)).
    • I can't manage to get the event where she doesn't join. I've tried a lot of stuff. I went to turn 81 yet still manage to recruit her, so it's not a turn limit. I've waited for around 40 turns after the event in the town Lingen but that didn't do it either. I even 'conquered' a different fortress but it still didn't work. The only thing that's left that I van think of is either alignment, character requisite, or maybe even being on the true route. Tried both light and neutral alignment I think and only got Beatrice (not Dyshana, so not true route). This was done on the PC version though, so it might be only on the PC version.
  • Item: Esoteric Book XXIV and All Reduced obtained

World Map

Kaluni Kahla

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