Invasion Frontier

World Map

Town: Dodone

  • Items: Silver Ore x 4, Fragment of Life x 3, 50 EP, 20 PP, 2000G
  • Facilities: Item Shop, Blacksmith (Enhancing), Adventurer's Guild (Titles) and First Aid Tent now available

World Map

Quest: Slumber Forest

World Map

Alfheim (Elfville)

World Map


  • Fight: Gridamas Soldier x 4
  • FightGridamas Captain x 1, Gridamas Soldier x 3
  • EventFyuria joins
  • Facilities: Blacksmith (Crafting) now available

World Map

Puteaux (Pyuto)

  • Event: Story related
  • Facilities: Horoscope is now available

World Map

Zelzagun Fortress (Fort Zelzagun)

Killing ???? will end the battle that turn.
Killing Zerva will lead to Fyuria DOWN.

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