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Grey (CV: Shinji Kawada)
Full name: Grey Family  
Gray Profile
Race: Human or partially Human, Neocolom, Oneltes, Harpuia Weiss (Grandfather)
Aina / Felenne / Victoria (Grandmother)
Schwarz (Father)
Vanessa (Grey Jacket) / Lira-Lua (Purple Jacket) / Yumil (White Jacket) (Mother)
Generation: Third Generation
Joins at: Start
In order to fulfill his role as the Spirit Vessel, Grey has chosen the same path as his father and continues to hunt down and kill demons. However, unlike his belligerent father Schwarz, Grey has resigned himself to his fate to an almost obsessive degree. He will undertake dangerous missions and fight incredibly strong demons without any regards to his own wellbeing. And like his predecessors, he is troubled by his inability to remember anything other than things related to his mission.

He is generally quiet and seldom sees the need to engage in general conversation. He can be incredibly obstinate when it comes to anything related to his role as the Spirit Vessel, but as long as it doesn't interfere with his ultimate task he is pretty willing to do just about anything. He is also open to suggestions and will listen to the opinions of others, and, on occasion, act upon their advice.

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