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Li Ra-Lua (CV: Misato Fukuen)
Full name: Li Ra-Lua Family  
Ra Ri=Rua Profile
Race: Oneltes If Chosen:

Weiss (Father-in-law)
Aina / Felenne / Victoria (Mother-in-law)
Schwarz (Husband)
Gray (Purple Suit, Son)

Generation: Second Generation
Joins at: Signihardt Castle
Li Ra-Lua is a member of the Nebula clan. Due to her incredible powers, the other members of her clan have high expectations of her as the presumed heir to the current matriarch. She is one of the onerthes, a race known for its incredible longevity, although their numbers have dwindled considerably due to constant demon attacks. It seems that the power of their third eye attracts demons like flies to honey and Li Ra-Lua is no exception. In fact, she first meets Schwarz and company after they save her from a demon assault.

Due to her being raised in a somewhat over-protective fashion, Li Ra-Lua is a bit divorced from reality and can on occasion be terrifyingly naive. She has a calm and reserved personality that comes from her being confident in herself and her abilities. However, due to her sheltered and somewhat pampered upbringing she is totally incapable of anything that even remotely resembles housework, especially anything related to the preparation of food. In fact, she has been forbidden by the laws of her village to enter a kitchen with the intent to cook.

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