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Liel (CV: Maki Kobayashi)
Full name: Lielselotte Family  
Lizerotte Profile
Race: Half Human and Half Elf Ignis (Father)
Cynthia (Mother)
Sophia (Aunt)

If Chosen:
Weiss (Grandfather-in-law)
Aina / Felenne / Victoria (Grandmother-in-law)
Schwarz (Father-in-law)
Vanessa / Lira-Lua / Yumil (Mother-in-law)
Gray (Husband)
If Sophia is Chosen:
Gray (Uncle)

Generation: Third Generation
Joins at: Start
The daughter of Ignis, Liel was raised together with Grey and for the most part loves him as a brother, although occasionally her expressions of love go beyond that and into the realm of true romantic interest. It is for this reason that she often is incredibly cold and unfriendly towards Fiona, who she sees as a rival for Grey's affections.

She left home obstinately to help Grey, but in fact it was more an act of rebellion than an expression of concern. At first Ignis was strongly against her leaving home and joining Grey on his journey, but Liel's obstinacy, combined with her mother's support, convinced him to relent and allow her to set out with Grey.

Although in battle Liel can be incredibly fierce and at times even outstrip her father in that regard, Liel is generally a young woman typical of her age. However, Jainus noticed that she saves her most devastating smiles for Grey and her father tends to visibly grimace every time the subject is brought up.

She tries to outshine Fiona in every way, including trying to become a domestic goddess. However, after destroying just about every dish within her reach and shredding every bit of laundry she's ever touched, she has been forbidden from doing anything that resembles housework.

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