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Schwarz (CV: Kanehira Yamamoto)
Full name: Schwarz Family  
Schwarz Profile
Race: Human or Half Human Half Neocolom Weiss (Father)
Aina (Wine Jacket) / Felenne (Blue Jacket) / Victoria (White Jacket) (Mother)
Vanessa / Lira-Lua / Yumil (Wife)
Gray (Son)
Generation: Second Generation
Joins at: Start
Schwarz is as different from his father as it is possible for a son to be. He is a vulgar, violent, lecherous reprobate who lives to fight and make highly inappropriate advances on the seriously reluctant Maidens of the Pillar. However, some believe that his behavior is a result of his total lack of desire to live and is basically a call for help; that he hopes someone will eventually save him from himself.

Schwarz has no desire to become the Spirit Vessel, but finds himself swept up in a series of events that take him ever closer to that end. Knowing there is no escaping his destiny and being unable to curse anyone for his circumstances, he has vowed to lead a libertine-like existence until the inevitable occurs. He is also incredibly self-righteous and refuses to listen to what anyone else has to say, with two exceptions: Fiona and Jude.

Despite his façade as a total jerk, he is generally a good person who goes out of his way to help others, though he'd rather be set on fire than ever admit to it. He is also occasionally tormented by the intrusion of his father Weiss's memories, something that he has never really come to grips with.

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