Sieghart (CV: Shinnosuke Tachibana)
Full name: Sieghart Family  
Profile Sieghart
Race: Human Friedelinde / Routier / Sayane (Wife)
Leonis (Son)
If Friedelinde Is Chosen:
Eugene (First Cousin-In-Law)
Niel (First Cousin-In-Law Once Removed)
If Routier Is Chosen:
Cal-Vina (Brother-In-Law)
Mimel / Alice / Tetora / Dana / Apli / Shernini (Daughter-In-Law)
Generation: First Generation
Joins at: Granoa Village
Age: 21
Height: 180cm (5'11)

Sieghart is a young commander in service to the Armies of Light. He is very serious and focused, and has a reputation for being a very hard worker who tends to be stubborn and obstinate. Although sometimes hard to get along with, he is well respected by all of the men under his command. In spite of his youth, he is considered a gifted commander by his fellow officers and appears to have a bright future ahead of him.


Sieghart is an young man in his early twenties with an toned body built, chin-length brown hair that slightly spikey and unkempt, an fair skin complexion, and light purple eyes. His main attire is the commander's version of the Armies of Light uniform, which is an black military tunic with gold designs on the front, a breast plate with an blue design near the end and gold rim. He wears an open black greatcoat, which is gold in the front, an pair of large pauldrons with the symbol of the Armies of Light on each one. He also wears an pair of grey gloves, black trousers, and ivory boots that are brown in the middle area.




Sigehart's Claymore:

Powers and Abilities

Combat Abilities

Natural Abilities

Spirit Vessel Abilities

Character Stats

Starting level: 1
Class: Commander
New class: Emancipator
Weapons: Player's Choice
Role in party: Player's Choice
Skill Slots


Class change


Rank Base Statistic Class Change Bonus
STR Variable Variable Variable
VIT Variable Variable Variable
AGI Variable Variable Variable
INT Variable Variable Variable
LUK Variable Variable Variable
AP Variable Variable
MOV Variable Variable
HP Variable Variable
Extended area

□□□□x□□□□ □□■□□□■□□ □■□□■□□■□

x : Character
■ : Extended area
Will Power
Blocks counter attacks.

Learns at LV1

Increases AP gain of characters within the extended area.

Learns at LV18

Activated after accumulating more than 150 SP. Reduces the amount of AP used for all actions except movement.

Learns at LV48

Unleash All
Activated when at less than 25% of max HP. Substantially increases physical damage, physical defense, magic damage, and magic defense.

Learns at LV50

Extra Skills
Howling Storm (ハウリングストーム, Hāringu Sutōmu)
Tears through a target with a penetrating wave of light and lowers all of the abilities of a target.
Type: Neutral Extra
150/168/0 0/168/150 2 885 11 - 18 50 2/1/0 0/1/2
H-Splash (ハウンドスプラッシュ, Hāndo Supurasshu)
Hound Splash. Cuts down a target with a rapid series of attacks. Has a chance of landing a critical hit.
Type: Neutral Extra
300/318/0 0/318/300 4 2900 15 - 32 100 4/2/0 0/2/4
Rising Blaze (ライジングブレイズ, Raijingu Bureizu)
Sieghart's ultimate technique.

Cuts through enemies with a blade infused with the power of lightning. Has a chance of landing a critical hit.

Type: Neutral Extra
600/637/0 0/637/600 5 7600 30 - 50 250 3/2/0 0/1/3

Character Customization

Your weapon, stat rank, and base stats will vary according your to Class. You can choose to be a Warrior, Battle Mage, or Sorcerer. And the Soul Cards you have chosen will determine what weapon you will use. You can experiment to find the card combinations that suit you well.

Some example builds, and more in depth statistics are available in the talk page, currently it is in the form of a rough translation from the Japanese wiki.

Weapon Equipment & Skills

Slots 1 and 2 are fixed depending on the weapon you've been given.

For Slots 3-6 you can pick one of the four different Skill Cards available. Remember, the 3rd Skill Card (or slot 5) will affect Leonis' 5th Slot, so choose carefully! Leonis' 5th and 6th Slots will vary depending on who you selected to be your bride. This also includes his equipment.

Weapon 1 2 3 4 5 6 EX Type
Sword, Greatsword General General Power Power General General ATK
Combo Combo Combo Dark ATK
Fire Earth Fire Light ATK
Water Wind Neutral Neutral ATK
Spear General General Power Power General General ATK
Combo Combo Water Earth ATK
Fire Lightning Lightning Dark ATK
Earth Wind Light Neutral ATK
Scythe Power Power Power Special Special Special MAG
Fire Fire Earth Water MAG
Lightning Wind Dark Light MAG
Dark Earth Neutral Neutral MAG
Sword and Dagger Combo Combo Special Special Special Combo ATK/MAG
Water Fire Water Wind ATK/MAG
Lightning Dark Lightning Earth ATK/MAG
Wind Neutral Light Light ATK/MAG
Sword and Staff General General Power Power Power Special ATK/MAG
Special Special Wind Earth ATK/MAG
Water Fire Dark Light ATK/MAG
Lightning Neutral Light Neutral ATK/MAG

Special Arts Combinations

With this list shown below, you will be able to execute the following Special Arts below. In order to execute Special Arts, you will need to use a Proof of Valor on a character whose Level is 45 or higher.

# Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 Info
1 F-Raid

Sieghart EX2

Sayane EX2

Routier EX1

2 Soul Of Infinity

Sieghart EX3

Mimel EX3

Leonis EX3

Soul of Infinity

Raging Strike

Sieghart EX3

Friedelinde EX3

Sayane EX3

Routier EX3

Raging strike
4 Roaring Dragon

Sieghart EX3

Friedelinde EX3

Eugene EX3

Roaring dragon
5 S. O. B.

Sieghart EX3

Alice EX3

Ellis EX3

Mimel EX3

Dyshana EX3

Leonis EX 3

Final strike
6 Final Strike

Sieghart EX3

Cal-Vina EX3

Eugene EX3

Leonis EX3

Galios EX3

Niel EX3

Ex combo final strike


  • Sieghart's name means "Victorious Bravery", in German, referencing the fact is he is skilled warrior who very rarely defeated.

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