World Map

Gilga Zeyon

Note that these fights are all in succession, only allowing you to save between battles. Make sure to be properly stocked up on items and equipment before starting or you might find yourself stuck, having to reload a previous save.

The sequence of encounters depends on your choice in Lyonredas:

  • If Gilga Zeyon, and glory!:
    • Surprise Fight: Goblin Mage x3, Hobgoblin x3
    • Surprise Fight: Bull Orc x1, Goblin Mage x2, Hobgoblin x3
    • Surprise Fight: Garvel x1, Goblin Mage x2, Hobgoblin x3
    • Surprise Fight: Garvel x2, Bull Orc x3, Goblin Mage x2
    • Surprise Fight: Garvel x3, Goblin Mage x3
  • If Aid Lyonredas:
  • Event choice: Choose the next destination
    • We make for Lus Soleil: Gauge moves towards DARK, Lavinia UP, Faina UP, Noah DOWN
    • We make for Musoi: Gauge moves towards LIGHT, Lavinia DOWN, Faina UP, Noah UP
    • We make for Tlalocan: Gauge moves towards DARK, Lavinia DOWN, Faina DOWN, Noah UP

World Map

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