Picking  up Complete Monster Listing's. Unfortunatly I'll be doing this in a weird way, I will be doing it from the boundary zone up to lvl 999 monster's then going back down. (Ive got alot of notes I took from my previous playthrough's so I will fill them in as well). I hope you guys can be a little patient with the updating of it as Its a pain to go to each location again. Now some random rants, OMG Muriam is sooo freaking awesom, She come's with absolutely bad stat's but it's her ex3 move that makes her great, it only hits once but its mass aoe, + shes a chick with a gun, who could ask for more!. Ive played about half of the chars, and some seem to shine more than other's, Ellis is awesome period, the only thing bad about her is the fact she has a poor hp pool, some people would argue that she has no genuis... Personaly I think that willpower is pathetic. Seriously 8ap>6ap 25% decline, for the ex skill's its usefull, but most battles are over in 2-3 round's apart from boss's. The broken parry, hah its awesome xD it makes the game seem more realistic... like come on!! who can dodge a 200 hit combo. oh what else.... hmm damn cant think... and its now 2am. Time for bed. -poof-

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