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    Item drop

    June 9, 2010 by Alice in game

    Wathman and me are actualy talking about a theory under the item drop system. I will resume it with our results, but the complete discussion is here and here.

    As you know, there is 4 ways to get items from monstres while in fight; Kill, Overkill, Steal and Ex steal.

    The theory is that each ennemy have one overkill item, a set of "normal" items and a set of "rare" items. When you steal, you take one item from the "normal" item pool. When you Ex steal, you take one item in the "rare" item pool. The Kill drop will come from any of the two item pool. The only way to get the Overkill item is to overkill the monster. The overkill items are often "unique" items (they are found on one monster only).

    After some experimentation, we can suppose that if …

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  • Alice in game


    First, I want to thanks Bal-Sagoth who give me the admin access.

    My first action as admin was to delete many unused pages and pictures. However, keep in mind that any deleted page can be re-created or restored if needed.

    The real purpose of this post is to talk about two things, the main page and the general aspect of the wiki.

    My actual proposition to the main page is here (under welcome to agarest wikia). The changes are the following

    • Game cover on one side only (better for smaller screen resolution like 1024x768)
    • Each row now have two sections (like combats is now combats and characters.
    • Rename "Arts List" page to "Skills List" and name the link "Skills"
    • Add a Skill crafting link (page to create)
    • Add Stragety link (page to create)
    • Add Races and…

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    June 4, 2010 by Alice in game

    Hi everybody,

    As you might notices, the Agarest wikia is getting bigger and better. However, as you might noticed, we have no active admin on the wikia.

    Right now, there is 3 bureaucrats (two of thems are also admins) in the wiki. These users are Bal-Sagoth, Erellisae and Yangwenli. Bal-Sagoth is the only one with recent changes in the wiki (may 19th) and he logged-in two days ago, he have about 150 edits. The two other did not login for more than 3 months.

    I left messages to Bal-Sagoth asking him to give me the admin rights, be he did not answer back.

    I want to request an official "adoption" for Agarest wikia : delait here. However, I need the consent of the Agarest wikia community.

    I want to be the admin to do the following

    • Delete the unwanted…
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