Hi everybody,

As you might notices, the Agarest wikia is getting bigger and better. However, as you might noticed, we have no active admin on the wikia.

Right now, there is 3 bureaucrats (two of thems are also admins) in the wiki. These users are Bal-Sagoth, Erellisae and Yangwenli. Bal-Sagoth is the only one with recent changes in the wiki (may 19th) and he logged-in two days ago, he have about 150 edits. The two other did not login for more than 3 months.

I left messages to Bal-Sagoth asking him to give me the admin rights, be he did not answer back.

I want to request an official "adoption" for Agarest wikia : delait here. However, I need the consent of the Agarest wikia community.

I want to be the admin to do the following

  • Delete the unwanted pages that should be deleted.
  • Delete unused pictures (somiteme uploaded twice under different names).
  • Improve the front page (add new links)
  • Improve the general aspect of the wikia (to customise the template of the wikia itself, to at least add an image).

I think that I should be admin/bureaucrat because

  • I created all the templates in the site.
  • I have to hightes edit count (with twisce the number of edit of the 2nd).

The requirements to adopt a wikia are (for me) complete.

  • Admins are inactive for more than 60 days. The only active admin is Bal-Sagoth, but he don't know how to give me the admin access.
  • I did not founded or adopted any wikia and have not been blocked of any wikia.
  • I have the highest edit count and I created a lot of pages.
  • I communicate and exchange with other users and try to keep the site up to date.

The only thing I need is the consent of the community, so please, leave a support comment.

Bal-Sagoth don't konw how to grant me the admin access, I quote "how the hell am I supposed to promote you..." msg here

Alice in game 18:08, June 4, 2010 (UTC)

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