First, I want to thanks Bal-Sagoth who give me the admin access.

My first action as admin was to delete many unused pages and pictures. However, keep in mind that any deleted page can be re-created or restored if needed.

The real purpose of this post is to talk about two things, the main page and the general aspect of the wiki.

My actual proposition to the main page is here (under welcome to agarest wikia). The changes are the following

  • Game cover on one side only (better for smaller screen resolution like 1024x768)
  • Each row now have two sections (like combats is now combats and characters.
  • Rename "Arts List" page to "Skills List" and name the link "Skills"
  • Add a Skill crafting link (page to create)
  • Add Stragety link (page to create)
  • Add Races and Fields links
  • The section names ??? need a name.

Please, let me know if you want to add or rename anything. Suggestions are welcome (and you can add your propositions to my userpage).

The second point is the Wikia aspect. I would like to have propositions for

  • Favicon : the icon on left of the page address in the web browser. It could be someting like a character avatar.
  • Logo : instead of the blue and white wikia logo, the picture must be a png, 135 pixels wide and 155 pixels tall. Please upload your proposition.
  • Sidebar : Should it be the same as the links in the main page?


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