• Bal-Sagoth

    New administration

    March 12, 2010 by Bal-Sagoth

    As you are all aware by now, first administrator Yangwenli, one of the creators of this here wikia is retiring.

    I am still waiting for news from second administrator AkemiMaemi.

    The point of this announcement is to introduce me, not as a user, but as the new administrator of this tiny community.

    Basically, it will have no impact whatsoever, except that I'm generally available in less than 12 hours, if a problem should arise I can act quickly, and also help people in trouble with the game.

    We covered almost everything with the game, I probably will create a few new sections when I play Agarest again, to be a really complete fanbase.

    I'll be watching the evolution of the serie, the PS3 is supposed to play games of every country, so even if a seque…

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