As you are all aware by now, first administrator Yangwenli, one of the creators of this here wikia is retiring.

I am still waiting for news from second administrator AkemiMaemi.

The point of this announcement is to introduce me, not as a user, but as the new administrator of this tiny community.

Basically, it will have no impact whatsoever, except that I'm generally available in less than 12 hours, if a problem should arise I can act quickly, and also help people in trouble with the game.

We covered almost everything with the game, I probably will create a few new sections when I play Agarest again, to be a really complete fanbase.

I'll be watching the evolution of the serie, the PS3 is supposed to play games of every country, so even if a sequel is released only in North America, I'll get it and expand theis wiki (I'm european)

The short-terms projects, well, I'll have to check the wiki, see what I can do to complete what has already been done, generally speaking it will probably only be informations about the characters, etc...

Long-term project is to complete the fan aspect of the Wikia by adding the entire script of the game, I have also to complete or correct the directions for each dungeon and put it on a separate section.

The perfect-path guide by Smurgledwerf need no modifications, so I think we're clear with the walkthrough, I'll have to check the tables too, see if they can be improved...

If you ever need me... Well, just write something here or in a talk page of any topic, I always know when there's a change on this Wikia.

Now, should I really introduce myself? Well... Most of you are english-talking people but french people can ask me questions in french, and you can call me John, which is just some shorting for my real name "Jean-Robert".

And don't even think about calling me Bobby, I prefer John or JR, or Bal, whatever.

This wikia has no board, but I in fact have one, the problem is, it's only for 18+ people and it's french-talking.

I think I've said enough, I'll be watching silently, making sure this Wikia won't go to waste, and helping people in need.

If you want to help, just make yourselves at home, but if you ever begin to write bullshits on this Wikia I'll kick your ass 'til you kiss the moon, got the idea?

I'm not some dictator, I'm open to everyone and to every idea, but don't mess with me, I tend to be as direct as a kick in the face.

And I like people who are direct too. Never hesitate to speak your mind, unless the only purpose of it is to say random bullshits.

Now you've been warned, kids. If you like this fuckin' game, honk me.

Bal-Sagoth 12:26, March 12, 2010 (UTC)

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