First, I'd like to thank everyone who's contributed to this wiki, even in my general absence it seems that contributions have been made and the project hasn't faded away.

I created this wiki because at the time I believed there was a need for all the bits and pieces of knowledge about this huge game to be organised into one place for those who need it. While the wiki is far from complete it now contains tremendous lists of information that I'm sure have helped many players that have come looking for that knowledge.

With the north american release of the game impending, I'm sure the wiki will see a surge of activity both in players looking up information and in contributors. Unfortunately it is beyond my capacity to continue to manage the wiki, I've done a poor job of it for a while now just by being pretty inactive alone, and I cannot continue to do my position justice in absence.

And so I would like to pass on the torch to somebody willing, who has full intention of seeing Agarest Wiki continue to grow and develop into the forseeable future. I've no intention of simply giving these rights to just the first person who asks regardless, I want to leave the wiki in good hands - If you're interested and willing to take on the administration of the wiki, send an email to: agarest <DOT> wikia <AT> googlemail <DOT> com.

Just let me know in the email your Wiki account name so I can see what contributions if any you have made so far, any previous experience you have had in Wiki/Website/Community management, and any other information you find relevant that you believe would influence my decision - If you have a genuine interest in pursuing this don't let no prior experience deter you.

For the sake of fairness, I will not make the final call until a week after the first recieved email. There seems to be general lack of interest so far, thus this deadline is now indefinite.

I'd just like to leave a final note that the wiki doesn't belong to me or whoever takes over - It is there for the community and the players of the game, the position of the administrator is simply to keep the wiki in order and aid its users in its growth.

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