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Vanessa (CV: Natsuko Kuwatani)
Full name: Vanessa Family  
Venessa Profile
Race: Human If Chosen:

Weiss (Father-in-law)
Aina / Felenne / Victoria (Mother-in-law)
Schwarz (Husband)
Gray (Grey Suit, Son)

Generation: Second Generation
Joins at: Hunter's Guild
Vanessa is a young woman who makes her living as a bounty hunter. She was born infused with the power of the gods and, as those powers grew stronger, she began to be attacked by an ever increasing number of monsters. While she was able to survive the worst of those encounters, her family perished in one of the many assaults. After the death of her family she began wandering from place to place, earning money by hunting available bounties. Although she does need the money in order to survive, she became a bounty hunter in hopes of eventually tracking down the demons who killed her family.

She first encounters Schwarz while in the middle of a job. At first she had nothing but contempt for Schwarz, hating his way of speaking and the way he chose to live, but eventually agrees to his plan of her becoming a Maiden of the Pillar in exchange for his aid in defeating the demons she had hunted for so long.

She gives off the impression of being somewhat detached, probably because of the fact she has spent the majority of her life alone. However, she will occasionally wallow in nostalgia in a desperate attempt to recapture the brief happiness of her childhood. She has difficulty interacting with others and spends much of her time drinking alone. Her one wish is to someday marry and have children, but this desire stems almost wholly from the memories of her own childhood.


  • Her appearance almost resembles the character Tifa from the Final Fantasy series.
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