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  • EF - Extended field. Party members in the character's extended field are affected by the willpower.
  • Passive - These willpowers are always activated.
  • Active - These willpowers activate once the HP or SP condition is met.
  • Willpowers underlined and in italics are only found on bosses.
  • Willpowers are earned after a character levels up, upon spending the earned status points,
    they are not dependent on status point allocation as the order would have one think.


Willpower Effect EF
Ambition +30 SP each turn
Anticipation (EU:Mikiri) Blocks counterattacks
Blessing +50% XP & EP gain
Discovery +Item drop rate *
Energy +AP gain *
Exertion +25% XP *
Feat of Agility +Steal rate *
Fortune +25% EP gain *
Float Negates certain skills, burst, and directional effects
Full Vigilance Negates burst and directional effects *
Heavenly Sense +Item drop and steal rate
Poaching +Capture rate *
Potential +Bonus points when leveling
Resolve (Bullishness) +5 SP every turn
Spirit +5 SP every turn *
Total Resistance +Resistance to status ailments
Unlimited Substantial +AP gain



Willpower Effect EF
Desperate Strength +Damage and Defense
Last Power Substantial +Damage and Defense
Magic Barrier Ignores non absolute hit magic
Magic Madness +Magic and Magic Defense
Parry Ignores non absolute hit physical attacks
Unleash All Substantial +Damage, Defense, Magic, and Magic Defense
Unleash Magic Substantial +Magic and Magic Defense
Unleash True Force Substantial +Damage, Defense, Magic, and Magic Defense


Willpower Effect EF
Concentration +30% Accuracy and Evasion


Willpower Effect EF
Accuracy All physical attacks become absolute hit
Aura of Leadership +30% Accuracy and Evasion *
Hunter +Critical and Capture rate
Kill Switch +Accuracy and Critical Rate
Qigong Negates damage = levelx3
Satori +50% Accuracy and Evasion


Willpower Effect EF
Anti-Magic Shield +Magic Defense *
Aura of Command +30% Accuracy and Evasion *
Block Magic +Magic Defense
Genius 20%-25% reduction to using skills
Guard +Defense
Mind's Eye +Accuracy and Critical rate *
Unity +Defense *


Willpower Effect EF
Amplify +Magic Damage *
Anger +Physical Damage
Critical Break +Magic Damage
Thrust +Physical Damage *
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