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Yumil (CV: Megumi Takamoto)
Full name: Yumil Family  
Yumil Profile
Race: Harpuia If Chosen:

Weiss (Father-in-law)
Aina / Felenne / Victoria (Mother-in-law)
Schwarz (Husband)
Gray (White Suit, Son)

Generation: Second Generation
Joins at: Entrance of Frensberge
A guardian from the Yurle clan, Yumil first encounters Schwarz while on a journey to obtain materials for an artifact for her brother. She is very innocent and carefree and has the occasionally uncomfortable habit of saying exactly what's on her mind, though in general she is very easy to get along with. And unlike everyone else in the party, she isn't particularly shocked after hearing what Schwarz and Eva had to say, even though she's fully aware of what it means to become a Maiden of the Pillar.

Though skeptical about creating an artifact, she is ultimately convinced by others that it will the only way to cure the disease that is killing her brother who, in accordance with guardian tradition, is also her fiancée.

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